Kyle Liao


HSI/O 2022 Most Impactful: OSINT


April Joke Calendar:Happy April

Kyle Liao’s Website: This Website

Code Overflow First Place!:Project_Diani

Panther Hack2022 Best Domain Name:SummerIn.Tech: note website is incomplete

DiscordCLIBOT:Github Repo Allows enter commands and recieve their outputs from discord.

FirstFlaskApp:Github Repo Notes App built in flask based on TechwithTim’s tutorial.

Liao Simple.CSS:Github Repo Tried simple.css and created a site with only one image*

Hack Club Python password generation workshop:Github repo not very interesting. found a typo while doing it that mildly derailed me and made a successful PR to correct it. Site based on the hugo profile theme, managed using hugo, hosted on cloudflare pages. Site theme is built using bootstrap.

Plastic Bot:Github Repo *Built using, answer and reply style bot along with quiz game.

Hack Club Edison site:Github Repo html and simple.css. club website for hack club edison. hosted on cloudflare.

Edison CS Resource List:Github Repo WIP club project containing resources that members have used to help students advance their technical abilities beyond

HackPHS2022 Second Place!, best use of Wix and Velo:DysKyleCulia Hackathon Project using arduino, wix & velo to help solve dyscalculia.

Why did the chicken go to Dairy Queen?

He was deserting. Don’t tell the Colonel.